MCStrike is a first person shooter written for Minecraft which brings the best of CounterStrike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield to Minecraft, with no client side modifications required whatsoever. MCStrike was founded by the Noxcrew in 2012 and began its development journey with Jonas Conrad.

Struan joined the project in 2013, and took the role of Java application developer, and website developer. Significant contributions included a UI based in game content manager, the Mutated gamemode, and significant work on web tools used by the team to manage the systems, in terms of both community management and a statistic tracker which allowed the userbase to query their own performance.

Community Site :: In development Statistic Site

Khan OAuth

Khan OAuth is an initiative taken to allow provide an accessible API to the Khan Academy API through the use of OAuth. Solutions to this problem already exist, but require the use of elaborate and sometimes bulky libraries to support these operations.

Khan OAuth is a solution to this problem, providing a minimal solution to the authentication problem, whilst also supplying cookie and session support.

Development of this project began in September 2014, and the code will soon be open source, and will find its way on to GitHub in the near future.

Project still private

Sunfish CMS

Sunfish Content Management System is an independent web system which provides a clean and intuitive interface for managing webpage content. Its designed to be framework independent, as to allow compatibility with more systems, by removing the need for the client to install the required frameworks by hand.

This solution is not designed to be used by the end user, but provides a simple to install backend system for page creation, file management, and page editing, along with user access permissions.

More information can be found on the GitHub page

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